Antenatal Profile

Antenatal Profile

Shubham Pathology Laboratory is a trusted lab in Ahmadabad, Gujarat offering a wide range of testing procedures, including antenatal testing. Here you can find a wide range of pathological tests including ANC screening. Antenatal Profile Test is performed during pregnancy and your doctor can suggest this test to detect any health problems in your foetus. Through ANC screening test, your doctor can identify the age, sex and weight of your foetus, or they can diagnose any condition of your foetal development.

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You can contact Shubham Pathology Laboratory for Antenatal Profile Test, Ahmedabad and our accurate report can help you to protect your developing child. Your pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters, and your doctor can suggest ANC screen test at any trimester. The first ultrasound is conducted between 12th to 14th week to check that your baby is alive and is in the right place, how many babies are there, and how much time has passed since you became pregnant. Any chromosomal disorders like Down Syndrome are also detected during this test. Second ultrasound is conducted in the 20th week that checks the baby’s organs, growth, placenta and amniotic fluid.

At Shubham Pathology Laboratory, we can conduct such tests with advanced equipment and we can provide 100% accurate reports. Our detailed reports can help your doctor to identify any probable disorder in your baby.

You can avail the packages to save your cost, and call us to book an appointment for your screening. Else, you can book an appointment online for ANC Screening Test Ahmedabad.

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It covers routine screening test , no special tests covered , economic package .



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Detailed screeing test .



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Detailed screening test with special test incluiding thyroid, vitamin deificience & transmissible diseases.