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With so much development made in the field of research, even a minor health problem can be easily detected with blood testing. Your blood test results can clearly indicate what kind of lifestyle you are leading, you are taking sufficient rest or not, what nutrient deficiency you have, and the root cause of your health issues. Shubham Pathology Laboratory in Ahmedabad can help you to get the accurate results, so that you can get the issue resolved in time. Here, we offer a wide range of blood test at affordable prices, including blood tests, sugar test, cholesterol test, and complete blood test.

Shubham Pathology Laboratory is the screening centre in Ahmedabad that offers various types of blood tests. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure for the same. Apart from simple blood tests, some of them may be complex in nature and may be suggested to detect some unusual compounds in your blood. With over 2 decades of experience in the field and with the help of our highly advanced equipment, we can conduct such tests to detect even some rare diseases.

Blood Test in Ahmedabad

It is not necessary to conduct blood test only when you have some symptoms and your doctor suggests you to go for it . You can also go for your routine blood test to check vitamins, minerals, trace elements, blood counts and sugar levels in your body.

To know more, you can contact Shubham Pathology Laboratory or you can call us at +91 98799 62010. Else, you can book an appointment online through our official website. Shubham Pathology Laboratory is trusted by more than 100 private hospitals and we can provide 100% accurate blood test results without any error.

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₹ 800

It covers routine screening test , no special tests covered , economic package .



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Detailed screeing test .



₹ 3000

Detailed screening test with special test incluiding thyroid, vitamin deificience & transmissible diseases.