Pre-Operative Profile

Pre-Operative Profile

Shubham Pathology Laboratory is a trusted diagnostic lab in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, that offers a wide range of clinical tests. Preoperative tests are a set of tests that are conducted before an operation. Such tests are determined according to your age, your present health condition, and other associated diseases you might have. Your surgeon can suggest you various preoperative tests to measure the risks and benefits of a surgery. You can contact Shubham Pathology Laboratory for Preoperative Profile Test in Ahmedabad.

Preoperative Blood Test in Ahmedabad

There are various types of preoperative blood tests available for the patients, including full blood count, blood clotting test, blood gases, and sugar or blood glucose test. You can contact us for such Preoperative Blood Test in Ahmedabad. Apart from that, you may also need to do some preoperative lab tests such as urine dipstick test, kidney function test, sickle cell test, lung function test, chest X-ray, ECG, MRSA screening and HIV test. Now you can easily get your Preoperative Lab Test in Ahmedabad done at Shubham Pathology Laboratory.

Your doctor cannot perform any surgery without such preoperative test reports, because he or she will not push your life in danger without adequate information about your body. Do you have any idea about the bacteria that lives in your skin? Yes, you can detect such bacterial through Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Similarly, you need to check the components of your blood, urine and stool, and you have to check your heartbeat through ECG too.

To know more, you can book an appointment with us and arrive for your test.

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