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To be able to offer our customers an attractive, discreet ambience and a smooth process, Shubham Pathology Laboratory cooperates with selected private and public clinics and hospitals and their competent specialists. In our laboratory, medical diagnostics include the examination of all body fluids using optical, chemical, immunological or molecular biological methods. It is used for the early detection of illnesses and for monitoring progress and therapy. Many diseases develop over a long period and can be identified at an early stage with the right diagnostic procedures. However, how diseases progress varies from person to person. The medical check-up is just a snapshot. Even if you get an unremarkable finding today, you should take problems that arise within the next few months seriously. You can contact us at any time. We advise you to follow the recommendations of our doctors to further reduce possible health risks. Repeat the examinations at regular intervals to keep a good overview of your state of health in the future.

20 Years of Experience

Many customers have already used the diagnostic programs at our laboratory in Ahmedabad and are very satisfied. Through our 20 years of experience, we continuously develop and improve the performance of Shubham Pathology Laboratory.

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Senior Pathologist Doctor In-Charge

To uncover the health information hidden in the blood, laboratory doctors have to examine its components. All processes at our labs, are instructed and carefully guided by our Senior Pathologist Dr. Pravin R Shah, who proudly owns Shubham Pathology Laboratory since the last 20 years.

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